Compiègne imperial and historic city

Old imperial city, Compiègne was the theater of major events of the history of France. Founded in the IXth century, Compiègne will be the destination of all the French sovereigns,at the same time a place of relaxation and siege of power. Is in this city where Joan of Arc, come push away the Anglo-bourgignons besieging the city faithful to Charles VII, was captured on May 23th, 1430.


The city shelters one of the most beautiful castles of the French Neo-classic architecture. Built in the XVIIIth century by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel under the order of king Louis XV, the castle of Compiègne occupies a special place in the history of the Second Empire. Napoleon III and empress Eugénie left their indelible imprint of their frequent visits. It was thus justifiable to build a Museum of the Second Empire where there are gathered pieces of art and historic souvenirs of this brilliant period. The visit of the castle also allows to discover a surprising collection of old cars. The park which encloses the castle of Compiègne finishes the discovery of the site.

A unique place
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Situation La Parenthèse du Rond Royal à Compiègne