Activities near La Parenthèse du Rond Royal

Down here, you can found a selection of the main touristic attractions near the guesthouse.

Amuse yourself in Compiègne and surroundings


Le chateau de Pierrefonds (Pierrefonds castle)

Discover near Compiègne, Pierrefonds castle, dismantled on the XVII th century and rebuild on the XIX th century by the architect Viollet-le-Duc extraordinary interpretation of the Middle Ages and the renaissance.
Discover sentry walk and admire the perfection of the decors of the imperial apartments.

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The city of the boatmen in Longueil-Annel

The visit of the museum allows to recall the significance of the village of Longueil-Annel in the skippers’s world. The major technical innovations are presented, so is the mariners’s battle for social gains et more generally the gratitude of a trade.

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The memorial of the Armistice in Rethondes

Oise becomes in 1918 September 11th, the worldwide symbol of freedom in the world after 4 years of a conflict which left Europe bloodless.

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Compiegne’s library

Officially created in 1806, the library of the city of Compiègne ows a rich heritage collection of over 66000 various documents (manuscripts, imprinted books, former press tittle, drawings, lithography, maps and plans, scores, photographs and postcards) from the XII to the XX century.

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Antoine Vivenel museum

Compiègne s museum of art and archeology was created thanks to the generosity of local donor, Antoine Vivenel (Compiègne 1799 – Paris 1862), architect contractor, who brings together an extraordinary collection of art objects going from the antiquity o the modern era, in the aim to build a museum of studies, a real « encyclopedic book of all arts and all times »

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Memorial of Royalieu

On February 23rd, 2008 was inaugurated in Compiègne the Memorial of the internment and the deportation on the site of the ancient camp of Royallieu in Compiègne. Since then, 50 000 visitors crossed the doors of this place of history and memory among which 10 000 pupils, from primary school to college. Funds grow thanks to donations while numerous information reaches us days after days, in particular to complete the Wall of Names.

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Imperial palace

Built by Louis XV and Louis XVI, reorganized under Napoleon I then Napoleon III, the palace of Compiègne was a top-place of the life of court and the exercise of power. The originality and the beauty of the biggest French neo-classic palace, the quality of its internal decors and its furniture, establish a unique place, a historic place which, beside Versailles and beside Fontainebleau, is one of the three more important French royal and imperial residences.

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National forest of Compiègne

The forest of Compiègne is a national forest of Picardy close to Compiègne. Of a 14 417 hectare surface, it constitutes one of the biggest forest of France and the third national forest of metropolitan France by its size. It is rich as much in wooden production (oak and beech) as in game.

Sports & entertainment


Compiegne’s Golf

Calm and relaxation… Created in 1896 by the english architect Smith, the golf of Compiegne welcomes you on a journey of 5551m. The golf is only 400m far from the center town and on the edge of the forest.



Hippodrome and equestrian competition (50m)

Housed in the netrance of the forest, the field of the big parc is a sports complex entirely dedicated to horses. On a 9 acre expanse, tracks obstacles building, paddok and quarries host many competitions. From March to November, different contests :ponies, young horses, obstacles, endurance or hitch contests succed to eachother. The international contest event (the second weekend of April) and The world endurance event (the last weekend of August) score the highlight of the season.

Hippodrome du Putois

With its 53 hectare, the Hippodrome, located in the heart of Compiegne, is a magnificent place where you can see flat races, obstacle races or trotting races.
This racetrack was born in 1876. During the beautiful age, the hippodrome du putois earned a great popularity, thanks to the wordly and sporty massive wave, where Compiegne used to welcome the court with her splendor, her celebration and her imperial hunting.
The capacity is 1100 seated guests. The institution has its own restaurant with a nice veranda and a child care center. More over, the access for disabled people is provided.

The ice rink

The ice rink of Compiegne extendes on 1600 m² for the pleasure of all. Sometimes, different events are organised.

The Swimming pool

  • A pool of 25 m with 8 water lines
  • A small pool of 20 m
  • A slide of 40 m
  • A children’s pool for least than 5 years old
  • Playful equipment
  • An access to the summer lawn

Fisrt flight

Going out in Compiègne


Espace Jean Legendre

The Theaters of Compiègne associate in the same coherence of action, the Espace Jean Legendre, which approach is at the same time multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, and the Imperial Theater,with a musical and lyric stage. Both proposing an autonomous project, our two theaters invite to appreciate the diversity and the wealth of the arts of today and form an artistic, cultural and national pole, with an unprecedented fame in the North of Paris.

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Le Tigre Margny-Compiègne

The biggest theater of the Oise, in the North of Roissy, with an exceptional stage for any event.

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Imperial theater

This lyrical stage, the only one between Paris and Lille, joins in collaborations and coproductions with diverse national or international lyrical institutions, while being worried about a territorial anchoring and about a closeness with the populations.

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